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Akcesoria do lamp

Product Code: CID347-118-0335
Żarówka H3 12V/50W NARVA..
9.50 PLN
Ex Tax:9.50 PLN
Product Code: CID345-118-0331
Żarówka bezcieniowa - halogen blub Surgilux 24 V / 65 W..
19.00 PLN
Ex Tax:19.00 PLN
Product Code: CID348-118-0332
PHILIPS projection lamp Type 7027..
21.50 PLN
Ex Tax:21.50 PLN
Product Code: CID346-118-0305
Palnik do lamp bakteriobójczych - moc: 30 W..
72.00 PLN
Ex Tax:72.00 PLN
Product Code: CID343-114-0001
HELIOS - promiennik podczerwieni. Lampa grzewcza 375 W / 230 V Czas pracy: 5000 h..
31.00 PLN
Ex Tax:31.00 PLN
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